Saturday, 5 April 2014

Le Mom Jean

Hello Hello, so after two dreadful months of being flooded at my home in Marlow and not being able to blog I am finally back on track and will be regularly posting outfits, so watch this space.
Truly never thought I would see myself in Mom jeans I'll be honest, but I caved and tried some on shopping and they don't all look half as bad as I imagined! I bought a pair from Miss Guided (click the link to see the jeans) and for £24.99 I think I walked away with a bargain. I.paired the jeans with an online exclusive backless Boho top from Urban Outfitters and a Brand new pair of chunky boots with lace socks from Asos, I have a small obsession with delicate lace socks and sandals at the moment and I can see it getting progressively worse as Summer approaches. The Chain Necklace is also from Urban (I cant get enough of the discount can I). So enjoy and have a good weekend kids! X

Shoes and Top and Necklace-Urban Outfitters