Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Damsel in Distressed Denim

Wow is it nearly July! how fast has this year gone. So I've slowly built this outfit over the last couple of months as I've collected different pieces for my wardrobe. These gorgeous distressed denim jeans from Waven are perfect when worn with a heel. They are comfortable and practical, they are also loose fitting so perfect for Summer when its hot! The top was actually bought off eBay but its from Karen Millen, heavy embellishments this season have really been a focal point for me Im drawn to them in every store I go into at the moment its like my subconscious is hungry for more! And finally the star of the show..this suede tasseled bag. This stunning suede bag is from Accessorize, I was pleasantly surprised at my most recent visit to the new store on Oxford Circus the other week, there are a lot of treasures in there which I will be rushing in to grab on pay day. The swimwear/jewellery are all on point this season, displaying some key boho pieces for your wardrobe and some really stunning details on just about everything (who doesn't love a good bit of detail). The whole store is perfect for any festival attire if your in need, its actually dangerous territory at the moment so be prepared to leave heavy handed!

Jeans- Waven
Suede Bag-Accessorize 
Sequin Top- Karen Millen
Shoes- Topshop 

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Be Free

Be free, I dedicate this post to Free People. Free People as mentioned previously in other posts is honestly a brand close to my heart, if I could I would shop on it all day. I love the clothes, how they market themselves and the models they use for their studio/photo shoots. I really am a firm believer that each brand has its own personality, and Free People is definitely one of them. This Jumpsuit I bought a few months ago, but its still in stock (please see link below). 

Its really comfy and looks great on, we shot this look in South Kensington where the beautiful white buildings really made the colour of this jumpsuit stand out. I could wear this outfit day or night and it looks amazing in heels or flats. 

Jumpsuit- Free People
High Heels- Topshop 
Necklace- Urban Outfitters

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Festival Capsule- Part 5- The Textured Dream

Photography- www.ionamacleod.com

Happy Thursday kids! I am off to Gotwood Festival today for four days so I thought I'd post something FUN. This is numero outfit 5 of my Festival Capsule for my Peekaboo Collab, and by far my favourite. This suede skirt is wonderful, its substantial in weight and is made from a really amazing quality suede, it also fits perfectly. I styled this with this gorgeous cream crochet crop top, its see through and a bit risky but thats why I laav it. I mean this outfit is just lovely in every way shape or form. I finished the outfit off with my handmade Peekaboo Vintage velvet cardigan, this card is exquisite, like most of their clothes! The stitching (image 7) is so so detailed its amazing, and he delicate fringing along the opening of the cardigan really does complete the outfit. The fringing of the skirt, the detail of the crochet top and the stitching on the cardigan this outfit really is to die for, for a festival goer. 

Like this look? Head down to Topshop Oxford Circus TONIGHT from 6-8 for cocktails from Mahiki and a night of styling from Peekaboo Vintage for their Glasto pop up where the lovely stylists will help create your ideal look for festivals this summer!

Suede Skirt- Peekaboo Vintage
Crochet Top- Peekaboo Vintage
Velvet Cardigan- Peekaboo Vintage

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Monday, 8 June 2015

Festival Capsule- Part 4 The Beads Knees

Photography- www.ionamacleod.com

This dress..really is the bee's knees. Its made from golden beads and drapes over the body like a glove. I added a vintage look belt to style it up and wore a backless body underneath, risky? sue me. The heavy Levis vintage jacket is a must with this outfit, I love it! The best thing about this dress is definitely the noise it makes, perfect for festivals and its super comfy. 

Like what i'm wearing? head down to Topshop Oxford Circus on Thursday between 6 and 9 to find your Festival outfit for this Summer, with the help of the lovely Topshop Stylists you'll be sure to find something. 

Beaded Dress- Peekaboo Vintage
Levis denim jacket- Peekaboo Vintage

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Casual kinda Sunday- 3 Ways To Wear

Photography- www.ionamacleod.com 
Instagram- @ionamacleodphotography 

Sundays are my 'mooching' day, and what better time to post a casual outfit for the weekend. Today I'm off to Chelsea Vintage Fair again to find some more treasures eek! It's being held in the same gorgeous town hall and I will definitely be 'mooching' (don't you just love the word mooch…?) In this post I will be demonstrating how easy it is to utilise your clothes, so here I show how you can wear this All Saints dungaree 3 different way. Okay, I've been seeking out a white ripped knee jumpsuit for some time now, I came across this one in All Saints, and isn't it bloody beautiful. Its rediculous comfy and perfect for a Sunday in the Summer. I paired this with my ASOS low cut V neck top which I also have in orange. 

My comfy ALDO heel went well with this outfit, even tho it's comfy it's slightly baggy so I wanted some height to lift the outfit up a bit or it can make you look a little large (maybe it's a tall person problem?). I could of quiet happily skipped around in this dungaree for hours. I love All Saints, the price point is usually a bit higher than other big street stores but you really are paying for qaulity and uniqueness with there clothes, since I've bought this I've seen other white dungarees (none have come even close to how nice this one is).

Anyway, I'm off to the Vintage Chelsea Fair! Happy Sunny Sunday!

Love A x

Shop the look below-
Dungaree- All Saints
Shoes- ALDO

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Friday, 5 June 2015

Festival Capsule- Part 3 'The Wanderer'

Photography- www.ionamacleod.com

Happy Friday! So for look 3 I took a bit of a risk, I was worried about this outfit (and for what?) it really works, the tassels clash wonderfully with the sequins, its chaotic but thats exactly what festivals are for eh, its the one time of year you get to where whatever the hell you want without the judging eyes. Tassels always capture well on camera and the outfit in general is so fun to wear, with every step you take! Your probably wondering wondering what is this tasseled piece, its technically a skirt, it has a waistband and I just wore 'nicker' shorts underneath to style it. The tassels are off white or 'cream' as some would say, its very substantial and drapes over the body like a dream. I paired the tasselled skirt with this beautiful sequined butterfly top, the sides are slightly cut out making it very flattering. To finish the outfit I popped on a gorgeous vintage Levis denim jacket, the skirt (although substantial) looks very light and delicate so you need to add some heaviness to the outfit to balance it out. I love this look, and would definitely wear it to Glastonbury Festival, its super comfy (even the sequin top). 

Sequin Top- Peekaboo Vintage
Levis Denim Jacket- Peekaboo Vintage

Don't forget to visit Topshop on the 11th for the Glasto Pop up Peekaboo are holding! all items you seem from my Festival Capsule will be available to purchase on the 11th in Topshop Oxford Circus.

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