Monday, 7 December 2015

Wrapped up for Winter


 I am wearing; 
Jeans- Topshop
Shoes- ASOS

Trying to stay warm in Winter while still looking good, is one of life's small challenges. Remember the good old days when we use to wear Ugg Boots and hoodies, life was so much simpler? Now, unless you're going to the Doctors or the shops for a bag of potatoes,  you are committing a style crime, yes you.  The secret with Winter styling is layering, which makes it all the more expensive. It also takes much longer to plan an outfit because you have to piece together each layer. Now I am a London commuter I also have to take into consideration the commute and how to remove some of these layers in a state of 'flush' shall we say, we all get them..come on.

This beaaaaaaut coat is from Lovers and Drifters, again a brand I discovered on my good old friend ASOS. This bohemian chic clothing brand knows their sh*t when it comes to clothes, everything is absolutely to die for and a true statement piece.

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