Thursday, 26 November 2015

8 Ways To Lead A Happier Lifestyle

1. MAKE YOUR BED- Don't laugh, its true what they say you know.. 'start the day as you mean to go on'.

2. MEDITATE- Every day, twice a day. Take a few moments to gather your thoughts, in the morning before you get dressed, it will help you make better decisions throughout the day and I can guarantee you will sleep better, try it! 

3. EAT WELL, LIVE WELL- It's no secret everyone feels more energetic when they eat healthier foods, so drop the Pringle packet and pick up a cucumber for once, or cut a few slices and put them on your eyes.

4. SMILE- It only uses 17 muscles compared to 43 muscles it takes to frown! Smiling also releases endorphins, the chemical which helps you bring about the feeling of euphoria and well-being so 

5. START YOGA- I recently turned to yoga after I went through an extremely stressful time last month when I experienced the break down of a friendship of over 10 years, there comes a time in life when you realise maybe it's better to part ways and accept the change so you can carry on lifes journey apart. Some people hold grudges, I go to yoga.. Our teacher lights incense sticks, plays relaxing music and allows you to meditate for 5 minutes at the end of each session. I always leave the class with a high and a more positive energy, so invest in some yoga clothes kids because it will be the best investment you've ever made. 

6. INDULGE- Treat yourself, once a month or even once a week. Book a spa day, go for afternoon tea, or book a holiday, its important to reward yourself in this crazy world we live in. 

7. NOURISH OR DELETE- Nourish your current friendships and delete any toxic people, life is  too short, so only surround yourself with positive people who exude good thoughts. Being around positive people will bring a vibrancy in your life!

8. STOP WORRYING ABOUT MONEY-I am guilty of this too don't worry, I tend to avoid looking at my bank balance and just hope for the best. Try to appreciate the things you have and stop yearning for the things you don't, they are just materials at the end of the day and its true what they say money does NOT bring you happiness, it can provide satisfaction but this is just a temporary fix.

Lots of Love,

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